Tesla Cybertruck Pre-Production Beta shows new interior

Dear Friend, Tesla will be starting on Cybertruck Pre – Production. The best vehicle on four wheels is one step away from ruling the road. The Tesla Cybertruck pre-production beta is at Gigafactory Texas ahead of Investor Day, with admitted patrons sharing photos of the all-electric pickup and its interior. It looks as sharp as ever. While several Cybertruck units have appeared over the past few months, many builds lack overall quality or consistency from view to view.

The most recent pre-production beta build at the Investor Day event just outside the Austin Gigafactory is the best look we’ve had at the truck yet. More specifically, a pre-production beta prototype of the Tesla Cybertruck, which was on display at Gigafactory Texas prior to the event and was available for guests to view, including the interior.

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Tesla Cybertruck Pre-Production Beta Feature

Tesla Daily was able to share a video of the beta Cybertruck on YouTube, giving us a rare up-close look at it. The most notable feature is the removal of the yoke steering wheel. The replacement is not round, but flat on top and bottom. It’s also thought that the center console has changed as well, with a bigger look that’s hard to confirm from what we’ve seen.

What we see here is certainly subject to change. It’s a beta vehicle for a reason, and it’s possible that Telsa will continue to tweak things before the final version is ready for mass production. Tesla hasn’t yet told buyers how much they’ll pay or what specifications will be offered, but we can expect that to happen as we get closer to things starting to be built.

Many attendees took the opportunity to take photos and videos of the Cybertruck prototype, revealing interesting updates in the process. This is our best look at the truck yet, so here are the highlights

From the outside, the Tesla Cybertruck looks much better in person than in photos; At least this is the opinion of some participants, such as Matthew Donegan-Ryan or Sofiane Fraval That’s what Tesla Daily’s walkaround video above also conveys.

While some misaligned panel gaps can still be seen, the car looks better than any of the prototypes we’ve seen so far.

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