2024 Tesla Hardware 4: Release Date, Feature, Interior & Specs

2024 Tesla Hardware 4: Release Date, Official Price, Interior & Performance! Welcome to our website here we are sharing with you about the Tesls Upcoming Cars 2024. Tesla is the most Powerful Electric Car Brand in the World. A large number of People are using the Tesla Car Brand. This Tesla car performance is so Good. This is designed to work with the Full Self-Driving (FSD) computer as an advanced suite of autopilot/self-driving sensors.

FSD Computer, Hardware 4 not only includes a significant update to the FSD computer, but the HW4 specs include the full sensor suite. It is worth noting that Tesla has started the rollout of HW4 without making an official announcement. The reason behind this strategy may be to avoid affecting the sales of models that are yet to receive the new hardware.

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2024 Tesla Hardware 4 Release Date:

Are you Searching here when coming to 2024 Tesla Hardware 4 in the market? Don’t worry. In this Content, we are sharing with you about the Tesla Hardware 4 expected Upcoming Release Date. Now,  there is no official information about when coming. But, an Authority of Tesla asking us that as soon as it comes. The 2024 Tesla Hardware 4 Release Date is Mid in November 2023 (Expected). You May Also Read: 2023 Tesla Powerwall 3

Tesla Hardware 4 Specs:

Hardware 4.0 is Tesla’s latest suite of Autopilot/self-driving sensors and a new FSD computer. The new hardware, once fully rolled out, is believed to include the following:

  • A new front-facing camera with higher resolution and wider field of view.
  • new camera on each B-pillar that can see sideways and slightly forward.
  • The new camera on each C-pillar can see sideways and slightly backward.
  • New rear-facing camera with higher resolution and wider field of view.
  • A new cabin camera with higher resolution and wider field of view.
  • A new camera on each fender that can see behind the vehicle (TBD, rumored)
  • Two new cameras on each side of the vehicle are mounted lower and more forward than before (TBD, rumored)
  • An expected new radar called “Phoenix” is more accurate than previous units.

The new hardware can add up to 12 cameras in total, compared to 9 cameras in HW3. One of the camera connectors on the board is labeled “spare”, which suggests that Tesla might add another camera in the future. However, we have not yet seen the additional cameras or the radar unit as of yet.

Tesla Hardware 3 vs Hardware 4 Differences

Here’s a quick comparison showing the differences between Tesla HW3 vs HW4. In a nutshell, Hardware 4 has a faster FSD Computer and upgraded sensors, including better cameras and a new, more precise radar.

HW3 (& FSD Computer 1) HW4 (& FSD Computer 2)
Samsung Exynos-IP Based Samsung Exynos-IP Based
12 CPU Cores 20 CPU Cores
CPU Frequency: 2.2 Ghz CPU Frequency: 2.35 Ghz
2 Neural Network (NN) Processors 3 Neural Network (NN) Processors
NN Processor Frequency: 2.0 Ghz NN Processor Frequency: 2.2 Ghz
14 nm Process Estimated TSMC’s 7nm or N4 (4nm class)
1.2MP cameras around the car 5MP cameras around the car
The radar previously used was Continental’s ARS410 with a range of 160 meters. Discontinued in 2021. Speculated to be the Arbe Phoenix radar unit with greater detail and a 300-meter range.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving package can be bought for $10,000 upfront or $199/month with the new subscription scheme.

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