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Eid al adha 2024 in Canada: time, Wishes, Messages, Greetings

Eid al adha 2024 in Canada: time, Wishes, Messages, Greetings! Today is a very Big Day all the Canadian People are Celebrating Eid al adha. This is the most Special festival for all of the Muslim Peoples. We are pleased to announce that this year’s Eid-ul-Azha 2024 will be on Sunday, June 16, 2024. For the first time, we will pray outside our home. Eid al-Fitr is not a national public holiday in Canada. However, many Islamic businesses and organizations may alter their business hours during this event.

In the Islamic calendar, Eid-ul-Azha falls on the 10th day of the twelfth and final month of Dhu al-Hijjah, and celebrations and observances usually continue over the next three days, known as Tashreek days. Each year Muslims celebrate both Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha – but the names often get shortened to just ‘Eid.

Let’s you Read about the Eid al adha full Content & also Collect the Details about Eid. Just you staying with us & Collecting details eid al Adha.

What day is Eid Mubarak 2024?

When is Eid al-Adha in 2024? The Day of Arafah is on Saturday, June 15. That means Eid al-Adha is on Sunday, June 16.

Eid al adha Wishes 2024:

“Eid al-Adha Mubarak! May your faith be rewarded with divine blessings and your home filled with peace and prosperity. Happy Eid-ul-Adha!”

“On this sacred day of sacrifice, may your heart be filled with the spirit of compassion and your actions be guided by love. Happy Eid al-Adha!”

“As we celebrate the obedience of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), may we too find the strength to follow our convictions. Wishing you a blessed Eid al-Adha!”

“May the Almighty’s blessings light up your path and lead to happiness. Eid al-Adha Mubarak 2024!”

“Eid Mubarak! May this day deepen the bonds of brotherhood and illuminate your life with joy and grace!”

“Wishing you a joyous Eid al-Adha, filled with the warmth of family, the joy of togetherness, and the reward of Allah’s love!”

Eid al adha

“May your Eid al-Adha be as beautiful as the crescent moon and as bright as the stars. Wishing you all the happiness on this holy day!”

“May the devotional teachings of Prophet Ibrahim motivate you to give up something to achieve something bigger. I’m wishing you a joyous and loving Eid al-Adha!”

“May your prayers rise to the sky in the spirit of Eid and send down showers of peace and prosperity. Happy Eid al-Adha!”

“Eid-ul-Adha is a moment to give, show compassion, and rejoice in Allah’s abundance. May this day strengthen the bond of love within your family. Eid Mubarak!”

“On this auspicious occasion of Eid al-Adha, may every step you take be guided by faith and every sacrifice you make bring you closer to Allah’s mercy. Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak to you!”

Eid ul-Adha Mubarak 2024 WhatsApp & Facebook Status

If you are looking for unique statuses to spread the joy and sacred spirit of Eid al-Adha with your friends and family on WhatsApp and Facebook then check below:

  • “With hearts full of love and hands raised in prayer, we wish you a very happy Eid al-Adha!”
  • “Eid Mubarak! May Allah’s wisdom and blessings surround you and your loved ones now and always!”
  • Eid al-Adha is not just about the sacrifice, but also about the will to give and share. May this Eid multiply your good deeds. Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak to all!
  • “Let the spirit of sacrifice and devotion light up your soul. Wishing you a fulfilling and prosperous Eid al-Adha!”
  • “May the divine blessings of Allah shower upon you like the gentle rain on a thirsty land. Happy Eid al-Adha!”

Bakra-Eid Mubarak 2024 Greetings

Feel free to share these greetings with your friends, family, and loved ones to celebrate the essence of Eid al-Adha.

Eid al adha mubarak

  • “May the sacrifices you make be accepted and your prayers answered. Have a peaceful and blessed Eid al-Adha. Happy Eid-ul-Adha!”
  • “Eid al-Adha is a reminder of the power of faith and the rewards of patience. May this Eid bring you endless blessings!”
  • “Give your blessings and love to others in honor of this day of giving. Eid al-Adha Mubarak to everyone celebrating!”
  • “Rejoice in the glory of Allah and the joy of Eid al-Adha. May this special day bring peace and smoothness to your life!”
  • “Eid al-Adha Mubarak! May your faith be as strong as the mountains and your heart as generous as the sea. Happy Eid-ul-Adha!”
  • “Sending you warm wishes on Eid al-Adha. May the guidance of Allah lead you to eternal happiness, success, and peace. Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak 2024!”


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