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Ethiopian New Year 2021 Quotes, Image, SMS, Picture

Ethiopian New Year 2021 is the first day of the New Year in Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is the most popular festival in Ethiopia and Eritrea. In this Year 10th, September is It occurs on Meskerem 1 on the Ethiopian calendar, which is 11 September according to the Gregorian calendar. Ethiopia rings in its New Year, Enkutatash, on 11 September, and not on 1 January, as the rest of the world does.

Are you looking Ethiopian New Year 2021 Quotes, Image, SMS, Picture, and more? Here you can get all details about Ethiopian New Year 2021. The country’s unique calendar considers September, called Meskerem in the local language of Ethiopia, to be the first month of the year. Here is a look at the history behind the New Year celebrations.

The Ethiopian New Year Enkutatash means the ‘gift of jewels’. Legend has it that King Solomon of Jerusalem gave the Queen of Sheba jewels during her famous visit to Jerusalem some 3,000 years ago. Her return to Ethiopia after receiving the gift coincided with the New Year celebration in September, and hence the name Enkutatash came to be.

Ethiopian New Year Music:

Looking for advice on the music scene during planned trip to Ethiopia. Interested in both traditional music and the contemporary scene. We’ll have some time in Addis Ababa and will also be doing the northern historic circuit. Hope the destimnation experts can point us to places in Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Gondar, Axum, Lalibela where we can attend performances. Thanks for your help

Ethiopian New Year Quotes:

Addis Ababa – Ethiopia, with its own calendar, will be starting it’s New Year 2010, on Monday, and citizens are busy preparing for celebrations.

Ethiopia has its own calendar with 13 months, and each of the 12 months has 30 days, and the 13th month called Pagumen has five days, which becomes six in each leap year.

Ethiopian New Year comes at the time when the heavy rainfall starts to cease, and the bright sun comes to shine over the green land, which is also covered by the golden flower known in the Amharic language as “Adey Abeba“.

As it comes with the change of the season, the New Year in Ethiopia is celebrated with new hope, and the people are making special preparations.

“The preparation for the holiday is good. I am going to celebrate it with my child happily. I have bought this (hen) with 170 Birr (7 U.S. dollars). It’s good. I wish happy, prosperous, and peaceful year,” said Zertihun.

At a chicken market, Mezgebu Mamo, a man who was selling live chicken, told Xinhua that he was selling hens with big discount.

“I am here selling the hens which I have brought here. The price is good here, cheaper than that of some of others. I am selling them with big discount,” he said.

It is a custom here in Ethiopia that people slaughter sheep, goats, and oxen at household level. For the oxen, they share it in group and locally called “Qircha” in the Amharic language.

Ethiopian new year SMS Messages

Oh, my dear, forget ur fear, let all ur dreams be clear, Never put tear, please hear, i want to tell one thing in ur ear, wish u a “#HAPPY_NEW_YEAR”..


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