Google Pixel 8 2024: Camera Sensor, Release Date & Price

Google Pixel 8: Camera Sensor, Release Date & Price! Today, we will explain Google’s upcoming handset, which is called the Pixel 8. Everyone knows that Google’s New Device Camera is Good. Google Manufacture always tries to provide a better handset for its customers. Google Handset Camera is better than other smartphone camera. Google said that the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro use a “new main sensor” with up to 21% better performance in low-light scenarios but still at the same 50 MP as the Samsung GN1 sensor.

At Present, Powerful smartphone Brands are available in the Local Market. Among all of the smartphone Brands, Google is the Best. All of the Google New Handset gets are Super Market. So, an Authority of Google hopes the Pixel 8 Handset will also enter the Super Market. It has a very, very Strong Technology. Google New Handset performance is so Good.

Do you want to Buy a Google Pixel 8? Don’t worry. This is the Right Content. Here, we are providing the full details of these handsets. Just Reading the full Content and also Collect Details

Google Pixel 8 Price and Availability

Welcome to the Pixel 8 Price. Every person knows that price is a very important issue when buying these handsets. The Pixel 8 is coming to the U.S., U.K., Australia, and several other countries. It starts at $699, which, while cheaper than a Galaxy S23 or iPhone 15, is still $100 more than the Pixel 7 started. Since the Pixel 8 Pro also costs $100 more (starting at $999).

Google Pixel 8 Release Date:

Are you searching here for Google Pixel 8 in the market? Don’t worry. Here, we are sharing the official release date of the Google New Handset with you. Google leaked some information about Pixel 8. They are asking that the Google Pixel 8 Release Date be 12th October 2024 (Expected). You May Also Read: Google Pixel 8 Pro Max 2024

Google Pixel 8 Specs:

Let’s you Collect the Google Pixel 8 Full Specification. These Google New handsets all have a Camera, Display, Battery, Storage, and Connectivity. Now, we are Ready to Explain it.

Google Pixel 8
Price $699
Screen size 6.2-inch OLED (2400×1080)
Refresh rate 60Hz – 120Hz
OS Android 14
Processor Tensor G3
Storage 128GB, 256GB
Rear cameras 50MP main (f/1.68) with 8x Super Res Zoom, 12MP ultrawide (f/2.2)
Front Camera 10.5MP (f//2.2)
Video 4K up to 60 fps
Battery 4,575 mAh
Charging 27W
Dimensions 5.9 x 2.8 x 0.4 inches / 150.5 x 70.8 x 8.9mm
Weight 6.6 ounces / 187 grams
Colors Obsidian, Hazel, Rose

Display: Welcome to the Google New Handset Display Part. The Google New Handset Display is super. As for the screen of the phone, it’s a 6.2-inch FHD Actua display. Actua refers to Google’s new brightness technology that gives the Pixel 8 a 2,000-nit peak brightness rating. These Handset Displays are Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 8.

Battery: Now, we are sharing the Google New Handset Battery Capacity. Google supported the handset battery life with a 4,575 mAh capacity inside the Pixel 8. We’d take this claim with a pinch of salt, though as in our testing, Pixels offer some of the worst battery life of any flagship phone we’ve tested.

Camera: Google’s new basic Pixel flagship offers two rear cameras. For the Pixel 8, these are a 50MP main camera with up to 8x “SuperRes” digital zoom and a 12MP ultrawide camera with added Macro Focus mode for close-up shots. There’s also a new 10.5MP selfie camera on the front.

Storage: This Google New Handset Supported is a Tensor G3 chipset, with 8GB RAM and 128GB or 256GB storage, running the Pixel 8 if you open it up. The Tensors aimed more at providing amazing sound.

Connectivity: Google is launching the Pixel 8 with Android 14, the latest version of Android. It’ll stay on the latest version for some time, too. And these Handsets are 5G Networks.

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