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International Rural Women Day 2020 – Happy International Rural Women Day Wishes, Quotes, Message, text, Greetings, Image, Pic

International Day of Rural Women 2020! Hello Friend, Welcome to Rural Women 2020. 15th October International Day of Rural Women 2020. Every Year, the Peoples are Celebrate International Day of Rural Women 15th October. Rural women make up a quarter of the world’s population. Every Country Successfully Celebrate this Special Rural Women Day 2020. Rural Women grow much of our food. This year, International Day of Rural Women 2020 we are calling for better public services,education, childcare and shelters, including health care, on which millions of rural women depend.

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International Day of Rural Women 2020 Quotes, Message, Getting

“When a woman thrives, all of the society benefits and when the women have access to lands, household, agriculture and gender equality increases”.

“To end the cycle of violence, we need to educate women with the skills, go beyond raising awareness and equip them with resources and power”

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone within the waters to create a lot of ripples”

“We want women to lead the nation as never before, leaders who are not afraid to call names and are willing to fight”.

“If men have got a right, I have got the same right; they cannot put me down because I can do everything that they can do”

“No matter how you measure it, women have got the same brut of poverty, but they are also the only hope for ending it”.


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