iOS 16 Lock Screen: 5 surprising things Apple just revealed

iOS 16 Lock Screen: 5 surprising things Apple just revealed! Now, that is content we are successfully Explaining to you about the iOS 16 Lock Screen. With iOS 16, Apple is making a significant change to the iconic lock screen, allowing customizations and widgets to enhance the simple minimalism that defined it in the first 15 years of the iPhone’s life.

But it’s not just a thoughtless attempt to mimic Android’s free-for-all customization options, and Apple’s changes have given a lot of thought. In an extensive exclusive interview with our sister site, Tekradar (opened in a new tab), Apple’s SVP of Engineering, Craig Federighi, and design VP Alan Dye explained some of the thoughts behind it. The whole part is worth reading, but here are two of the two main design choices.

That is the time Apple announced its big annual operating system update in its WWDC keynote speech on June 6th. No platform is bigger or more important to Apple and its users than the iPhone, and thus no OS update is more important than iOS. After a successful reception in iOS 15 in 2021, lots of new features were expected to be added to iOS 16, and did not disappoint.

iOS 16: Release

We hope iOS 16 will be released to the public in September 2022 after the annual iPhone event. But it is speculation; Apple has so far only said it will launch in the fall.

Last year iOS 15 came on Monday, September 20, 2021. So for iOS 16, it would be reasonable to assume that iOS 16 will arrive on Monday, September 19, 2022, or some other time of that week. Big releases to the public always happen in the fall, usually accompanied by a new iPhone release in September. Additional point releases (iOS 16.1, iOS 16.2, and so on) follow weeks and months with bug fixes and additional features.

iOS 16: Beta release

As soon as Released get iOS 16 Beta. The first developer beta of iOS 16 was released immediately; here’s how to install an iOS developer beta. The first public beta should follow in a few weeks. Then we’ll get a series of evolving dev and public betas that get closer and closer to the final public release of iOS 16.0.

  • June 6, 2022: iOS 16 is unveiled
  • June 6, 2022: iOS 16 is released to developer beta testers

Based on previous release dates we expect the following developments over the next few months:

  • July 2022: iOS 16 is released to public beta testers. (Indeed Apple has confirmed this, saying on June 6: “A public beta will be available to iOS users next month.”)
  • September 2022: Final version of iOS 16 is released to the general public.

iOS 16 Beta: New features

Lock Screen: It can now be extensively customized (for example changing colors and fonts) and upgraded with widgets to keep track of the weather, your activity ring, or any other information you need easy access to. And, like the faces of the Apple Watch, you can create multiple lock screens, each with its own wallpaper and widgets, and easily switch between them.

Focus: The lock screen, widget and notification settings of your choice can now be locked in focus mode. Now there are also focus filters: for example, if you are in work focus mode, for example, you can choose to view only the Safari tabs that relate to the project you are working on, or filter out irrelevant messages in messages and mail.

Messages: Apple has announced three major changes to the message. You can 1) edit and 2) send after message, and 3) mark any thread as unread. In a nutshell, there are plenty of new visual elements to customize your memo, including new hairstyles and headgear, nose shapes, and poses.

Apple Pay: Apple has announced two new initiatives here: Apple Pay After (a method of paying in installments) and Apple Pay order tracking.

Live Text: This now applies to video and still images. Pause a video and go ‘live’ to copy or translate text.

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