Jovit Baldivino Cause of Death

Jovit Baldivino Cause of Death! Singer Jovit Baldivino’s sudden death has left his fans and the entertainment industry stunned, with many mourning his tragic death at the age of 29. Jovit’s family, through the Star Magic singer’s former handler, Jerry Telan, confirmed in a statement that he had been in a coma for five days after a CT scan showed signs of a blood clot in his brain, an aneurysm.

His parents, Hilario and Cristeta, as well as his fiancee, Camille Ann Miguel, added that the “Pilipinas Got Talent” winner had been recuperating with high blood pressure medication for a week and was advised not to sing in the meantime. “Knowing Bundoy (Jowitt) he succumbed to the shouts of the crowd,” read the family’s statement.

The singer was invited by a family friend for an event in Batangas City. He sang three signature songs, but Jovitt gasped at the third. His father confirmed to ABS-CBN that Jovit died at the hospital due to complications from a stroke.

Brain aneurysm breakdown

Other medical terms for brain aneurysms are intracranial or cerebral aneurysms. Symptoms of a breast cerebral aneurysm include a sudden headache (called a “thunder headache”), vomiting, neck stiffness, and pain when looking at a light source.

The NHS added that risk factors for cerebral aneurysms include smoking, high blood pressure and a family history of aneurysms. Dr. Vergeir says there are controllable and preventable risk factors for aneurysms. As mentioned earlier, genetics can also influence a person’s susceptibility to disease.

“Merong factors are controllable or preventable but there are factors that are inherent in the individual. ‘Young Omega may have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and other hereditary illnesses that weaken the body’s blood vessels. But there are also factors that we can control for hypertension that leads to aneurysms. “Smokers are also at risk. Postmenopausal women are at increased risk of this type of aneurysm.”

The DOH official said that for factors they can control, primary care management should be considered. “People should always get themselves checked, especially if they have a family history of high blood pressure and if they lead unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking.”

In addition, New York’s Columbia University Department of Neurology noted that alcohol consumption, particularly binge drinking or heavy drinking, is another acquired risk factor associated with aneurysm formation.

Experts still debate whether the frequency of aneurysms is one in 20 or one in 100; And although ruptured aneurysms are rare, they can develop at any age—most commonly in women and people over 40.


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