Meta Quest Pro 2: First Look, Release Date, Price & Specs

Meta Quest Pro 2: First Look, Release Date, Price & Specs! Hello guys, today we are very happy to share the Details about Meta Upcoming Quest Pro 2. Meta Quest is so Good. And it’s performance is super. Dear Friends, Meta Quest Pro 2 will need a revamped display, a lighter design, and a clearer purpose to avoid another flop. Many people are using the Meta Quest as soon as this Quality Quest Pro 2 is in the Market.

That is a time. A new mixed-reality headset, the Meta Quest Pro 2, will reportedly arrive in early 2025. The Meta may be one of the biggest names in VR and MR, but the Pro 2 has a lot of hurdles to overcome before it can properly challenge Apple. Vision Pro. Meta can’t enjoy the same market dominance it has in the VR gaming space with the Quest 2 and 3.

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Meta Quest Pro 2: Release Date

The Authority of Meta is asking us that as soon as Officially coming to Meta Quest Pro is in the market. Are you Searching here for Meta Quest Pro 2 in the Market? Don’t worry. In this Content, we are sharing an expected Upcoming Release Date with you. Some information Leaks from the Meta Authority. The Meta Quest Pro 2 release date is the next, and it will launch in 2025 (Expected). You May Also Read: 2024 Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest Pro 2 Features

Here are some of the features found in the new Meta Quest Pro:

  • Multitask in a virtual workspace with three virtual monitors that appear above your actual desk next to everything else in your physical workspace
  • Real-time expression tracking allows your avatar to mimic your facial expression
  • Ergonomic design for a more comfortable headset
  • Full-color mixed reality, with resolution 4X higher compared to Quest 2
  • Magnetic partial light blockers create a more immersive experience
  • Backwards compatibility with the Meta Quest 2 app catalogue for games and other apps

Meta Quest Pro 2

The Meta Quest Pro 2 Specs are 40% compared to the Quest 2, and advanced VR LCD technology provides 37% greater pixels-per-inch. 1.3x larger colour gamut provides more vibrant colours to deliver a more engaging VR experience.

There’s also:

  • 10 VR/MR sensors
  • Spatial audio
  • 256 GB of storage and 12 GB of RAM
  • Snapdragon XR2+ processor that delivers 50% more power for better performance
  • Continuous IPD adjustment for better visual clarity and less eye strain
  • A companion 45W USB-C charging dock keeps the headset and controllers charged

Meta Quest Pro Price

You need the Meta Quest mobile app to use the Quest Pro. It’s compatible with iOS 10 and Android 5 and newer.

Quest Pro 2 Specs

Resolution 1800 × 1920 (3.5MP) per-eye, LCD (2x)
Refresh Rate 72Hz, 90Hz
Lenses Pancake non-Fresnel
Field-of-view (claimed) 106ºH × 96ºV
Optical Adjustments Continuous IPD, contiguous eye-relief
IPD Adjustment Range 55–75mm
Processor Snapdragon XR2+
Storage 256GB
Connectors USB-C
Weight 722g
Battery Life 1–2 hours
Headset Tracking Inside-out (no external beacons)
Controller Tracking Inside-out (headset line-of-sight not needed)
Expression Tracking Yes (eyes, face)
On-board cameras 5x external, 5x internal
Input Touch Pro controllers (rechargeable), hand-tracking, voice
Audio In-headstrap speakers, dual 3.5mm aux output
Microphone Yes
Pass-through view Yes (color)
MSRP $1,500

Meta Quest Pro 2 Price:

We are Ready to share the Meta Quest Pro 2 Price with you. Everyone knows that Price is the most & very important issue for buying these Meta Quest. These Meta Quest Pro 2 Prices are $499.99 to $429.99 (Expected).

Do you want more information about the Meta Quest Pro 2, just Comment here? We solve your problem as soon as. Finally, we are very happy to explain Quest Pro 2. Thanks for staying with us.


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