New Tesla Watch 2023: Release Date, Price, Specs & Feature

New Tesla Watch 2023: Release Date, Price, Specs & Feature! Hello, Guy welcome to our website here we are Explaining to you about Tesla Watch 2023. It is an Upcoming Device by Tesla. We are knowing that Tesla Always making very Powerful Electric cars for their Customer. So, that is the 1st time the Authority of Teska try to make a Good Watch for their Customer.

Do you want to be a futurist, like Nikola Tesla was? Then just strap this attractive tribute watch on your wrist, set it ten minutes ahead, and presto. you’ll always be ahead of your time! Well, we can’t guarantee that you’ll end up being a Tesla inventor, but this watch will definitely start a conversation.

Dear Friend, Are you want to buy the Nikola Tesla Watch 2023? Don’t worry. It’s the Right Content for you here we are Providing the Tesla Watch Full Details. Just Reading the full Content and also Collect Details

Nikola Tesla Watch 2023 Release Date:

Are you searching here when coming to Nikola Tesla Watch 2023 in the Market? Don’t worry. Here is this content we are Providing you with an Expected Upcoming Release Date. Now, there is no official information when coming to Tesla Watch 2023 in the Market. Nikola Tesla Watch 2023 Release Date is December 2023 (Expected). You May Also Read: Tesla Pi Phone Pre Order

Nikola Tesla Watch 2023 Features

  • Turn HVAC on/off
  • Open frunk or trunk
  • Lock/unlock car – when unlocking and the charger is attached, the charge port is also unlocked
  • Open/close charge port
  • Set charge limit
  • Start/stop charging if cable attached
  • Set HVAC temperatures
  • Toggle Sentry mode
  • Vent / close the windows
  • Flash the lights or honk the horn
  • Activate or deactivate the defroster
  • Show current vehicle location in Maps app
  • Tap the large battery icon to switch to a smaller icon showing soc in percent next to current range – and as a bonus, an indicator if Sentry is active
  • Units in app reflect choices in the active vehicle – celsius/Fahrenheit, km/mi, SoC in percent or range
  • Activate primary Homelink device if within reach of vehicle
  • Show charge time remaining or tap to show the estimated time of completion
  • Keyless drive. This can be enabled in settings from the about screen. This optional feature requires that you enter your Tesla account password into the app. Your password will be stored safely in the WatchOS Keychain.
  • Please read the disclaimer about keyless driving – never drive without a backup key as you WILL risk getting stranded if either your watch or a vehicle is without internet connectivity!
  • If you have multiple vehicles, tap the vehicle name to choose an active vehicle.

New Tesla Watch 2023

Tesla Watch 2023 advantage

  • When the charger is connected, use the force touch menu to unlock the charge port. No matter the vehicle’s lock-state, the charge port will unlock and allow the cable to be disconnected.
  • If the vehicle is charging, charging will automatically be stopped first. You no longer have to wait around in the rain for your vehicle to detect your Bluetooth phone – just tap the unlock port button on your way to the vehicle, pull the charging cable and drive away.
  • Add the graphic corner complication to your watch face and enjoy the convenience of having easy access to the state of charge, charging indicator, time remaining if charging, sentry mode active indicator and an indicator if any windows, doors or trunks are open. All from one complication, that also will launch the app when tapped.
  • During and after charge, a panel will show how much energy was added. Convenient if you schedule your charge during the night – wake up each morning and easily check how much energy was added to the battery.
  • If you have multiple vehicles on your account, tap the vehicle name to quickly and easily switch between them.
  • Customize the app background with a custom photo of your own vehicle. Advanced users may use the option to add url querystring parameters from the active vehicle to automatically switch backgrounds based on vehicle options.
  • You can queue up commands by tapping on buttons, then put your wrist down and the commands will execute in the background when the vehicle is successfully woken up.
  • When you tap the unlock vehicle button, the charge port will also unlock if a charging cable is attached. That’s convenience right there!
  • Want to reduce phantom drain? Background updates can be configured to longer intervals between updates or to only update if car is already awake or can be disabled entirely for absolutely zero impact on phantom drain.
  • A warning panel will show up if any doors, windows or trunks are left open. Conveniently, you can tap the panel to close any open windows.
  • Need to access the frunk? Just do it from your wrist – no fiddling with your phone.
  • Sitting comfy in the couch, but just remembered you have a road-trip in the morning? Set the charge limit to 100% – or any value really – and start charging, right from the convenience of your wrist!
  • Leaving the office after a long hot day? Activate the HVAC when you’re on your way, and enjoy a nice cool vehicle.
  • Your significant other needs to enter the vehicle but refuses to install the Tesla app for Bluetooth key? Just unlock the car from your wrist – choose your battles wisely. Personal developer experience may apply.
  • When charging, tap the time remaining label to switch to show time of expected completion – no more head calculus!

New Tesla Watch

  • Need to run a quick errand, but you don’t have your phone? Unlock your vehicle from your wrist, then activate keyless drive and off you go. Just please be mindful that this feature requires internet connectivity on both watch and vehicle – so don’t drive into the desert and leave your vehicle, or you’ll get stuck there!

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