Tesla App 4.15: Update News, Release Date & Feature

Hello, Guy’s Tesla App Update 4.15. Tesla is the Most popular Brand in the World. All of the Country people are using the Tesla Brands. The Authority of Tesla Always making very Good Devices for their Customer. Tesla Authority mostly makes the Super Car for their Customer. So, that is time for the Authority to Update its Tesla App.

Dear Friend, Not every release applies to every car but may provide new features and bug fixes. Each wave of releases includes many variations and permutations for different model cars or bug fixes within a particular release family. To make it easier to see changes, we default to a 4-week release family, such as 2022.24, with the option to view any specific release below, such as 2022.24.01.

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How to get the latest Tesla Software 4.15 Update?

Let’s Now we are Explaining to you the Tesla 4.15 App 4.15 Update News. In a Tesla app update, the company now makes it possible to review new OTA software release notes from the app, which is required before entering the car. Also, the update’s code lines hint at the imminent possibility of internal camera viewing.

Tesla continues to delight customers by making its cars easier and more comfortable to use. In the new iOS Tesla app update, the company has provided the ability to review OTA software update notes for the car, without needing to be in it. Previously, owners could already install updates on their cars through the app, but they still had to get into the car to read the release note.

Thanks to the change, owners will now be able to read the release notes directly from their phones and start using the features as soon as they get into the car. This feature was rolled out in the Tesla app version 4.15.0. However, owners should ensure that their vehicle software is up to version 2022.40+. You May Also Read: Tesla Pi Phone 5G 2022

Tesla Software 4.15 Feature

Live Camera Button: If your vehicle supports Sentry Mode Live Access and you have enabled Sentry Mode, you will now see a new section titled ‘Live Camera’ at the top of the app.

This new section serves as a shortcut to being able to quickly view your vehicle’s cameras, it does not introduce any new features for remote viewing.

Range Analysis: Tesla appears to be working on a new app feature called Range Analysis. It looks like the feature will be similar to the new Energy app available in the car but will focus on post-drive analysis rather than live projected trip progress.

The new feature will break down how energy was used in your car, breaking it down into different components such as driving, screen, altitude, mobile apps and how it compares to your car’s EPA estimate.

The new range analysis appears to aim to “provide details of your recent driving behavior and learn how your displayed range may differ from the EPA-rated range.”

According to information available in the app, when you start range analysis, the car will use data from your longest drive over the past two days.

This feature is in development and has no consumer-facing components yet Tesla may release a range analysis next week.

Remote Features: Another feature that appears to be in the works is the ability to remotely access features that were previously only available while in the car. According to @Tesla_App_iOS, these features will be remote farting and remote boombox.

While these features have been available on supported vehicles for some time, it looks like Tesla will allow you to control these features from the app for cars equipped with Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) speakers.

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