2022 Tesla Model 3 Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

Welcome to Friend, Now we are Explain with you about Tesla electric cars. Tesla is a most popular Company in the World for Tesla electric Cars and Phone. This time are the ones sold in the highest number in the US, which translated to nearly three-quarters of the total number of new BEV registrations in January? A large number of United States peoples are also likes this tesla Company Cars.

Since the interest in Tesla is so high, let’s take a look at the lineup after the most recent price increase of some of the models. Several days ago, Tesla increased the prices of all Model Y and Long Range AWD Model 3 by $1,000, while the prices of other versions, as well as the Model S/Model X, remain the same.

What will Tesla reach in 2022?

Tesla sales will comfortably grow above 50% in 2022 compared with last year despite supply chain problems, CEO Elon Musk said, thanks to their new factories starting up and current plants boosting output

Tesla Model 3 Price (without DST):

Tesla Model 3:

  • RWD: $46,490 (no change)
  • Long Range AWD: up $1,000 (or 2.0%) from $50,990 to $51,990
  • Performance: (no change)

Tesla Model Y:

  • Long Range AWD: up $1,000 (or 1.7%) from $58,990 to $59,990
  • Performance: up $1,000 (or 1.6%) from $63,990 to $64,990

After $1,200 DST, there is no way to get a new Tesla Model Y below $60,000. The Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD heads towards $55,000, but thanks to the entry-level LFP-powered version, there is one version available below $48,000.

This a current time, dual-motor and all-wheel-drive 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range starts at $62,990 and offers a range of up to 330 miles that exceeds its competitors. It also features driver seat cooling, heated rear seats, and a synthetic leather interior, plus you can add an optional third-row seat for $3,000.

Estimated delivery time (new orders):

Tesla Model 3:

  • RWD:
    18″ Aero Wheels: August, 2022 (May, 2022 with FSD)
    19″ Sport Wheels ($1,500): July, 2022 (May, 2022 with FSD)
  • Long Range AWD:May, 2022 (April, 2022 with FSD)
  • Performance:May, 2022

Tesla Model S:

  • Long Range:
    19″ Tempest Wheels: November, 2022
    21″ Arachnid Wheels ($4,500):July, 2022
  • Plaid: 4-10 weeks

Tesla Model X:

  • Long Range:
    20″ Cyberstream Wheels: January, 2023
    22″ Turbine Wheels ($5,500): January, 2023
  • Plaid: October, 2022

Tesla Model Y:

  • Long Range AWD:
    19″ Gemini Wheels: December, 2022 (May, 2022 with FSD)
    20″ Induction Wheels ($2,000): September, 2022 (May, 2022 with FSD)
  • Performance: May, 2022

Model X FAQ

Is the Model X Tesla’s largest EV?
It is, at least for now. Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck will be larger, but it’s not scheduled to deliver until 2022.

Can I lease a Model X?
Naturally. However, we recommend doing your research to determine if a lease is right for you. In the long run with EVs like Tesla, you may end up saving more money by buying.
Check out our Tesla lease guide for more information.

How many people can the Model X fit?
Depends how small they are… Kidding! Current variations of either Model X powertrain allow for seating of five, six, or seven passengers depending on seating on add-ons. The five-seat option comes standard on all Model X EVs.

What’s the closest Tesla to a Model X?
While the Model X shares a lot of the same assembly as the other veteran, Model S, it closely resembles the Model Y as a larger, better-performing version. Both offer Falcon-Wing Doors and more cargo space than the sedans. Both also have seating for up to seven and the ability to tow.

Does the Model X qualify for free unlimited Supercharging?
If you purchased a Model X between 2016 and 2020, you or your EV may still qualify for free unlimited supercharging. You can check out more details here, but we also recommend speaking to Tesla directly to confirm.


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