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Muharram 2020: History, Significance And Know All About The Day Of Ashura

Ashura 2020 – ( 28th August ) Happy Ashura 2020 Wishes, Photos, Quotes, Message, SMS, Image, Pic. It is a great time for us that we are Celebrating Ashura 2020. Ashura Day Celebrating after 10 days by Muharram is not only the first month of the Islamic calendar. Today peoples are Celebrate Ashura 2020. A large number of peoples are Successfully Celebrate the Day.

Are you want to Celebrate Ashura 2020? Don’t Worry. Here this Content you can get all information about Ashura 2020 Wishes, Photos, Quotes, Message, SMS, Image, Pic. Just Reading the full Content and Collect details

Ashura 2020 Quotes – Day of Ashura

  • Muharram is almost here. Don’t call it the month of “SHIA” only. The tragedy of Karbala happened with the holy family of Prophet. “Hussayn is from me and I am from him” -Prophet Muhammad
  • Labbaik Ya Hussain. Labbaik Ya Abbass. Labbaik Ya Zahra. May we see a peaceful Muharram, with tolerance and harmony.
  • The sun of Dhul Hijjah sets whilst the moon of Muharram rises. Time will continue to move forward but your sacrifice will live on for eternity. Labayk Ya Hussain!
  • A million Voices, One Name, Hussain (as), Labaik Ya Hussain
  • 1400 years ago a man who was all alone in the plains of Karbala, all hisع men were martyred, he cried out: “Is there anybody who can come for my help?” And now Millions and Millions of people rush towards himع with one slogan “LABBAYK YA HUSSAIN” Hum hazir hain
  • “Muharram is the month in which Justice rose against Injustice and Truth stood up against falsehood and proved that, in the course of history, Truth has always Triumphed over Falsehood” Labbaik Ya Hussain(A.S)
  • O Aba Abdillah, I promise that even though I’m physically not present in Karbala but I am with You(a). Labbaik Ya Hussain! #Muharram

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  • Ya HUSSAIN salam FROM the one whose heart is wounded due to the tribulations you have suffered, and whose tears flow in your remembrance.
  • And till the day of judgment, endless voices will keep on calling Labbaik Ya Hussain!
  • Like the eternity of the man who walked the sands of Karbala fearless… crying: “is there anyone to help”… Knowing he could flip that army in an instant… Yet for his grandfathers religion… He would let the swords slice him into pieces, ya Hussain; the sole reason for our existence
  • Being Hussaini isn’t just about Saying “Ya Hussain” it’s about raising voice against injustice and oppression. Hussain ibne Ali refrained pledge of allegiance infront of tyrant and Sacrificed himself to teach us never remain silent over oppression.
  • YA MUHAMMAD. YA FATIMA. YA ALI. YA HASSAN. YA HUSSAIN. As long I live I swear by allah I will keep saying this.


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