Emoji Meanings: Types of Emojis, What do they mean & how to use them

Welcome to Emoji meanings. We know that Emojis are depictions of human emotions, living beings, objects, and even certain symbols. So, many People are Searching for these Emoji Mean. Emojis are based on people, which include different appearances, hand gestures, activities, professions, and family combinations.

There are more than 1000 emojis and each emoji has a specific meaning. Emoji meanings can be incredibly confusing. Is she crying from laughter or just crying? Read how to know the difference between. You Read the Full Content and Successfully Collecting Emoji Meanings Details. Just Reading the full Content

Types of Emojis

There are tons of emojis, which are divided into categories. This is done to make it easy for the users to find the right emoji quickly. These categories are as follows. You May Also Read: New iOS 17 Wallpaper 2023

  • Smileys and people
  • Animals and nature
  • Food and drinks
  • Travel and Places
  • Activities
  • Objects

What do emojis mean?

Smileys and people

These are the emojis depicting common day-to-day expressions and feelings, generally used in text messaging.

???? Grinning It conveys cheerfulness and joy toward something positive Grinning face
???? Smiley Smiley emoji denotes happiness and positive feelings Grinning face with big eyes
???? Smile The smile emoji depicts a person’s happiness when sending a greeting text or simply used to compliment something or the other Grinning face with smiling eyes, happy face, smiley face
???? Grin The grin emoji represents mischievousness but can be used to give away excitement and enjoyment Beaming face with smiley eyes, cheesy face
???? Laughing The emoji depicts laughter often used to react to something hilarious Grinning squinting face emoji
???? Sweat smile Used to depict a close call but is also often used in awkward situations during a chat Phew emoji, grinning face with sweat, relief emoji
???? Rolling on the floor laughing Used when someone cracks a hilarious joke Titled laughter
???? Joy Shedding tears because of laughing so hard Face with tears of joy, haha emoji
???? Slightly smiling face An emoji which can have two or more meanings to it such as being positive, happy or patronizing and being ironic Ironic smile, pain behind the smile
???? Upside down face The emoji depicts being silly and sarcastic Sarcasm, silly
???? Wink This emoji signals a joke or a hidden meaning which when used won’t be understood by many Winky face
???? Blush This emoji expresses extreme happiness and positive feelings Happy, blush face
???? Innocent This emoji means being as innocent and pure as an angel Angel
???? Heart eyes Taken straight from cartoons, the hearted eyes emoji is used to convey feeling of love and attraction Heart face
???? Kissing heart The emoji is used to convey a goodbye to a very close one Blowing kiss
???? Kissing closed eyes The pink cheeks and puckered lips on this emoji convey sentiments of love and affection Kissy, kiss
???? Kissing smiling eyes This emoji is also used to convey sentiments of love and affection but in a lighter way Kissy
???? Yum Used when one is about to have a delicious meal, or already had one Tasty, deliciuos
???? Stuck out tongue This conveys a sense of excitement, fun and cuteness Tounge out
???? Stuck out tongue winking eye Used when just casually kidding around with jokes and funny conversations Crazy
????️ Neutral face When the other person doesn’t get the joke but can also be used in context to concern for someone Straight face emoji
???? Expressionless The flat eyes and mouth convey a sense of frustration or disappointment Straight mouth
???? Thinking face Depicts going into a deep state of thinking Thinker
???? Shushing face When the chat has gone with loads of messages and you want to make everyone quiet Shh, quiet emoji, hush
???? Hugging face This emoji depicts a sense of affection for someone Hugging, Aww come here!
???? Zipper mouth face Used when secrets and promises are to be kept among only certain number of people Lips sealed, zit it
???? Money mouth face This emoji conveys the feeling of getting a good sum of money Dollar sign eyes, money face
???? No mouth This conveys the situations when one has no words to speak due to being disappointment in a positive or negative way Blank face, mouthless, silence
???? Smirk The emoji to use when you’ve achieved something great and can’t wait to boast around it Flirting face, smug face, suggestive face
???? Unamused face Generally related to negative emotions. This emoji conveys grumpiness or irritation towards someone or something Dissatisfied, Meh, Unimpressed
???? Face with rolling eyes Used when the other person says something obvious or too dumb Eye roll
???? Grimacing face The wide-open mouth and clenched teeth depict awkwardness or nervousness Awkward, eek, nervous
???? Lying face taken straight from the fictional character Pinocchio, this emoji depicts lying Liar, long nose, Pinocchio
???? Relieved face This emoji depicts a sense of calmness, peace or satisfaction Content, pleased
???? Pensive face An emoji used to describe a state of pain and sorrow Sad, sad face, sorrowful
???? Sleeping face One can use this emoji to convey “good night” to a chat Sleepy, Zzz face
???? Sleepy face The emoji depicts the feeling of exhaustion after a long tiring day Side-tear, snot bubble
???? Drooling face This emoji denotes the irresistibility over a yummy food Drool, water-dropping
???? Face with medical mask This describes the wearing of a mask to protect from viruses and airborne diseases Coronavirus, COVID-19, face mask
???? Face with thermometer This emoji depicts a sick person Sick, ill
???? Face with head bandage The emoji denotes a bad head injury Clumsy, bandaged head, injured
???? Nauseated Face The face depicting ‘about to throw up’ Disgusting, vomit face, yuck!
???? Face vomiting This represents disgust or an actual food illness Spew, throwing up, vomit
???? Sneezing face The emoji to use when someone has fallen sick and caught cold Gesundheit, sneeze
???? Hot face When the temperature is rising Overheated face, so damn hot!
???? Cold face When temperature touches rock bottom. Extremely cold Freezing face, Coldness, do damn cold!
???? Woozy face When you had too much booze Drunk face
???? Face with crossed-out eyes This emoji denotes disbelief or in some cases even death Dizzy face
???? Exploding head Read, heard or saw something extremely shocking and amusing Mind blow, what the…
???? Cowboy hat face A simple smiley emoji with a cowboy hat Cowboy, brown hat face
???? Partying face Party time! Let’s party!
???? Disguised face Sneaking into solving a particular case or matter Detective
???? Smiling face with sunglasses Feeling overachieved and cool Sunglasses, cool, Oh yeah!
???? Nerd face Depicting a mind loaded with theoretical knowledge Class topper, Nerdy
???? Face with Monocle This emoji depicts taking a closer into something Detective mode ON, something fishy
???? Confused face An emoji giving a look of uncertainty Puzzled, nonplussed
☹️ Frowning face This emoji denotes a deeply saddened state Megafrown, disappointment
???? Face with Open mouth A round mouth emoji describing a shock which makes one go ‘wow!’ Open mouth, surprised
???? Hushed face The emoji depicts mild amusement or surprise Surprised face, surprise
???? Astonished face Used when one comes across something amusing or shocking in both positive or negative way Drunk face, gasping face
???? Flushed face A surprised emoji with eyes wide opened Embarrassed, blushing face, shame
???? Pleading face Depicts wanting of something so bad that eyes become full of tears Begging, glossy eyes, simp
???? Anguished face Depicting sadness and disappointment at the same time Pained face
???? Fearful face This emoji intends to depict fear from someone or something Scared, surprised
???? Sad but relieved face Sad and relieved at the same time as things could’ve gone much worst Eyebrow sweat
???? Loudly crying face This emoji conveys inconsolable grief but is also used in fun ways such as laughter or over the top joy Sobbing, sad tears, crying out loud
???? Face screaming in fear This emoji depicts a high degree of shock which can be both positive and negative Home alone, scream, shocked
???? Confounded face The zig-zag mouth with crossed eyes on this emoji convey irritation, sadness and rather all kinds of negative feelings Quivering face, scrunched face
???? Disappointed face This emoji conveys an unhappy and sad face due to some recent events Sad, sad face
???? Downcast face with sweat This emoji conveys a certain degree of sadness, pain or disappointment Hard work, dejected
???? Tired face When you’ve had a rough and tiring day at work Exhausted, fed up
???? Yawning face Used when someone’s feeling sleepy Feeling sleepy
???? Face with steam from nose Taken inspiration from manga or anime, this emoji depicts angriness and frustration Triumph, steaming, frustrated
???? Saluting face The emoji is used as a sign of respect Salute
????‍???? Sigh emoji Used when expressing exhaustion, worry, or disappointment Sigh
???? Melting face Represents extreme heat or embarrassment Melt
???? Dotted line face Used to express depression, disappear, or non-interest towards something Dotted face
????‍????️ Face in clouds Used to depict confusion, foggy thoughts Foggy
???? Face with peeking eye Represents peep stare or when someone is frightened Peeking eye
???? Face with diagonal mouth Used to express doubtfulness Meh
???? Face with symbols on the mouth This emoji depicts vulgar behaviour due to being too much furious at someone or something Cursing, swearing
???? Angry face with horns When the sender of this emoji becomes so angry that they turn into devils with horns Devil, devil horns, ultra angry
???? Smiling face with horns When the sender of this emoji is onto something mischievous or wicked Happy devil
???? Skull This emoji represents death from extreme laughter or frustration Death, death skull
???? Pile of poo One of the most popular emojis. a poo emoji can be used to describe something as silly or funny but in a disgusting way Smiling poop, dog dirt
???? Clown face A circus clown can be used to describe something as creepy or haunted Joker, what a joke!
???? Japanese ogre A kind of hideous ogre in Japanese folklore Mask face, Oni, red monster
???? Goblin The goblin emoji denotes evil, anger, cruel behaviour Long face mask, red mask, grumpy monster
???? Ghost The ghost emoji can be used to convey someone or something as goofy and strange Halloween, disappear, Snapchat
???? Alien A spooky face of an alien from outer space Outer space creature
???? Alien monster An alien monster from a video game of some sort Space invader, video game monster
???? Robot face The head of a classic vintage robot Droid, robot
???? Cat face A yellow cat face emoji Smiley cat, kitty, smiling cat
???? See no evil monkey A monkey covering its eyes Monkey covering eyes
???? Hear no evil monkey A monkey covering its ears Monkey covering eyes
???? Speak no evil monkey A monkey covering its  mouth Monkey covering mouth
???? Boy face A simple emoji portraying a boy’s face Boy, child boy
???? Girl face A simple emoji portraying a girl’s face Girl, child girl
???? Eyes Huge eyes emoji with the pupil pointing to the left Eyeballs, wide-open eyes, what happened!?
✍️ Writing hands An emoji depicting the action of writing with a pen or pencil Writing, write
???? Waving hand Used either at the start or at the end of the conversation Goodbye, hello, hand wave
???? Mechanical arm A robotic artificial arm Robotic arm, metal arm, artificial arm
???? Selfie A human arm depicting the action of taking a selfie from a mobile phone

Selfie hand, hand cam

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