Raquel Welch Death of Cause

Raquel Welch, Star of ‘One Million Years B.C.,’ Dies at 82! Once called “a great breathing monument to womanhood,” she was also remembered in ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ ‘Lady in Cement,’ ‘100 Rifles’ and ‘Myra Breckinridge.’ Welch died Wednesday morning in Los Angeles “after a brief illness,” the statement said. The actress, with over 70 film and television credits, made her debut as a spokesperson for a variety show called “Hollywood Palace” and had a small role in the 1964 Elvis Presley film “Roustabout.”

Who was Raquel Welch?

Born September 5, 1960, Raquel Welch née Tejada is an American actress from Chicago. In the 1960s, Raquel became famous for her appearances in Bandolero!, The Three Musketeers, and One Million Years BC. As her popularity continued over the next decade.

Reflecting on her breakout success, Raquel told The Sunday Post: “Overnight, I found myself in demand. Before that, I was low profile.

“It was Fantastic Voyage and it was supposed to come out in A Million Years BC but the special effects delayed it, so I’m dinosaur lady first and science lady second. “I’m often asked if I get sick of talking about that bikini but the truth is, I don’t.”Both made a huge difference in my career. I wasn’t extra before.”

Raquel also recalled: “I did several movies, TV shows, and theater plays, and I think people realized that I wasn’t just pretty on a movie poster. I could actually act.”

Although Raquel has amassed a large number of on-screen credits, she admits her fans always come back to her star-making in One Million Years BC.

What was Raquel’s cause of death?

On February 15, 2023, Raquel lost her battle with a brief illness and died that Wednesday morning. The Golden Globe winner is survived by her two children from her first marriage to James Welch; her daughter Tawnee and her son Damon.

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