US Marine Corps Birthday – (10th November) Marine Corps Birthday 2019

US Marine Corps Birthday

US Marine Corps Birthday – (10th November) Marine Corps Birthday 2019. Celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday 2019 all peoples in United States. First established the Continental Marines on November 10, 1775, leading up to the American Revolution. It is a National holiday in United States. This is Marine Corps 244th Birth Day.

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US Marine Corps Birthday Messages, Quotes

“They tell us that nothing is impossible. They tell us that there is a new world beyond your fears and insecurities. Happy U.S Marine Corps Birthday.”

“On the occasion of US Marine Corps Birthday, let us take inspiration from our courageous and strong marine who are always there to protect us and motivate us. Happy US Marine Corps Birthday.”

“Warm wishes on the occasion of U.S Marine Corps Birthday. This day fills our hearts with pride and our souls with courage to be like our marines.”

“Life is what we make of it. We can shrink it or expand it with our actions. Let us salute all marines on US Marine Corps Birthday.”

“Every day is a new challenge. Every challenge is a new problem. But they never give up for they are made to succeed. Wishing a very Happy US Marine Corps Birthday.”

“Warm wishes to everyone on US Marine Corps Birthday. Let us add a purpose to our lives by taking inspirations from marine who are constantly working hard to protect us.”

“We know our waters are safe because they are guarding them day and night. Let us thank them on U.S Marine Corps Birthday for being the best marines in the world.”


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