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World Soil Day – 5th December Happy World Soil Day 2019

World Soil Day – 5th December Happy World Soil Day 2019! Every Year, 5th December Peoples are Celebrate World Soil Day. It is the most Popular Celebration Day in United States and more Country.  A large number of peoples are Successfully Celebrate World Soil Day.

This Special day peoples makesome different activities across the country. The Fact of World Soil Day and Its Activities are the popular queries to all the people who are ready to celebrate the day. World Soil Day 2019 and its campaign “Stop soil erosion, Save our future” is envisaged to raise awareness on the importance of sustaining

The People of all is participate the Happy World Soil Day 2019. Are you looking Soil Day 2019 Quotes, Theme, Slogans, Greeting, Saying, Images, Status, Message, SMS, Text, Wishes, and many other collections are available on this post. Just you Reading and colelct all information

World Soil Day 2019 Quotes, Theme, Greeting, Saying

1.A Man of Knowledge like a rich Soil, feeds If not a world of Corn, a world of Weeds.” » Benjamin Franklin

2.Plowed ground smells of earthworms and empires.” » Justin Isherwood

3.Landscapes evolve steadily by jerks.” » Ray Daniels

4.Land, then, is not merely soil; it is a fountain of energy flowing through a circuit of soils, plants, and animals.” » Aldo Leopold

5.I would rather be tied to the soil as a serf … Than be king of all these dead and destroyed.” » Homer, Odyssey

6.Maps are a way of organizing wonder. ” » Peter

World Soil Day 2019 Slogans on land conservation Quotes

1.If you want to have food, conserve the soil dude!

2.It’s more valuable than oil. It’s our soil!

3.Don’t be a dirt bag, protect soil resources.

4.If you spoil the land, where you will crop.

5.Fertile land is one of the beauties of nature, don’t pollute it.

6.Readymade fertilizers are injurious to soil as well as health.

World Soil Day 2019

7.Don’t be so much selfish; just think to save the land.

8.Land is gifted to us for our own benefits, just understand and use it naturally

9.Be Loyal To The Soil

10.Don’T Be A Dirt Bag, Protect Soil Resources.


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